Traditional insurance based Therapy practices collect insurance information prior to appointments.
However, many patients still find they are paying high co-pays
and paying out-of-pocket to meet deductibles.
Therefore, patients are still paying out-of-pocket for their "insurance covered" services.
Your insurance provider can give you an explanation of your “Therapy Benefits”.

WNPT encourages all patients to be good consumers and healthcare advocates. 

Wend Novick Physical Therapy Concierge Care
Compare the quality of services you will receive with your out-of-pocket costs. 

With Wendi Novick Physical Therapy concierge membership you will never have to

re-explain your history or outline your typical therapy session to a covering therapist.

You are guaranteed the same Physical Therapist at every appointment.​

Traditional therapy clinics have multiple beds and/or tables lined up.  It can be difficult to maintain privacy by covering up with towels or even by pulling a curtain.

WNPT practices in a private treatment room or even in the comfort of your own home.

Your time is valuable. WNPT appointments start on time and end on time.

Daily schedules can be tight and in constant flux.  In traditional models of healthcare, rescheduling appointments can be time consuming. With WNPT, you can send

a quick text to your personal Physical Therapist.  

Wendi Novick Physical Therapy, LLC is a private pay concierge model.
Payment is due at time of service utilizing
1. FSA/HSA Cards  2.  Credit Cards  3.  Cash  4.  Check  
At the time of service, WNPT will issue an itemized receipt for patient submission to their insurance provider.